Thomas Carlotti is based in South of France. He has always had a passion for images and so he made this his profession more than ten years ago. Attracted to fashion and cinema, his higher education studies were in audio-visual production and it was there that he was to earn his stripes. Three years sorting through hundreds of films: stage direction, lighting, reportages, documentaries… a three-year flirt with cameras and projectors.But it’s a career in photography that he goes for, after his studies. So for roughly the last ten years Thomas Carlotti has been working as a professional photographer. His playing fields? The French Riviera and Europe. 10 years of collaboration with numerus agencies on the Riviera have enabled him to mould the photographer he is today.


« I have always had – as far as I can remember – a camera in my hands. Photography became my passion and a leitmotif. In spite of my cinema and stage-directing studies, my photographic approach is closer to photojournalism.

It is, moreover, in wedding film photography that I am most at esse.  Comprehending the frame and natural light, I like capturing these unique moments full of life and telling the story of the day.

I love working with film because is authentic, and the look is so dreamy and timeless. My style is very natural, fine art & soft! If you want your special day captured in an elegant, timeless & no intrusive way – Save the date! »